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Peaces - Virginia Gallagher

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An excerpt:  
Theres nothing to hold back.  I am past the point of believing that I can be hurt by what other people think or say.  My greatest tormentor is my own mind.  Most of what I have suffered from in this life, has been self inflicted.  You may not buy that line once you close this book,  but I can assure you of its truth.  My life has not been easy, but neither has yours.  None of us gets out of this unscathed, but if I can impart anything at all to you,  it would be this…stop hating yourself, stop hating your story and stop blaming your past for any pain you are experiencing today.   Open your heart…whether that means opening your mouth to speak or to sing or to shout.  Pick up a pen, or a paintbrush or a mat.  But for your future self’s sake, let it go.  Let it all go.  And do it sooner rather than later.