Powering Through Retrograde

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

It's Mercury Retrograde (again) and with Mercury squarely in it's favorite sign of Gemini, we're really feeling the effects. Communication and logic can be very murky concepts these days as we make our way through the current retrograde fog. Here are a few tips to come through it with our finances and relationships still firmly in tact:

1. Avoid signing contracts

It's not that you can't sign contracts or make important business moves during this time, it's more that you should be very cautious of the moves that you make. Read the fine print twice, test the logic of the decisions you make and be on the lookout for the sort of communication trickery that a retrograde Mercury loves.

2. Get outside

Is your cellphone taking forever to send a text? Email won't load? Instead of stewing in frustration with the technological glitches retrograde brings, put down your devices and go outside. Take a walk, sip a cup of tea on your porch, put your bare feet in the earth; take the opportunity to breathe in the world around you and ground yourself in nature. The work will still be there when you get back to it and your attitude about it will be dramatically improved after a break.

3. Clarify & ask for clarification

The trickster in Mercury loves to twist the way that our words are interpreted, leaving us open for misunderstandings. Before you get upset about an interaction with a co-worker or a loved one, ask for clarification. Your perception of the situation may be foggy during this time. 

4. Carry your crystals

Pick up a piece of Amazonite and carry it with you, letting it remind you that our perception of things may not be accurate right now. Seeking truth in confusion will help you avoid hurt feelings and heartache. 

Carry Black Tourmaline to remind you to ground yourself in truth, letting it pull negative energy away from you and guide you back to your calm center. Emotional turmoil can escalate even the smallest situation into a hurt-filled jab fest. Allow Black Tourmaline to remind you that the people around you matter more than your need to lash out.

5. Meditate

Spending time in meditation can help to calm the mind and re-establish our priorities. Find a quiet place in your home, sit in a position that's comfortable for you and clear your mind, searching for the place of peace and truth inside of you. You might repeat a truth-centered mantra like "sat nam" which translates from Sanskrit to "I am truth", allowing it to fill you with the knowledge that you are divinely connected to the essence of truth. 

Finally, remember the adage "this too shall pass". Our emotions and feelings are temporary, as is retrograde. The actions we take in our interactions with others, however, can have long standing consequences. Retrograde will be over in a few weeks. Do your best to keep your interactions with others positive and loving, focusing on the eventual calm that will soon replace these feelings of confusion and strife.