New Moon in Gemini: Welcoming in the New

The last full moon, the Taurus Flower Moon, was all about releasing our attachments to the things that have left our lives, clearing the ghosts of our sorrow away to make space for the new things that are coming. Following this trend, the new moon in Gemini marks the beginning of our new blessings. 

Gemini energy is all about communication and logic. This year, Gemini season is also playing host to Mercury Retrograde, which means that a bit of Gemini's trickster nature may have been muddying the waters of your communication. Technology may be fickle, your inner personal relationships may be mired in confusion and your business relationships may be strained or conflicted. The good news is that this retrograde ends soon and things will start to return to normal. As the first harbinger of this return, the new moon in Gemini is also accompanied by an eclipse, which invites the energy of transformation into our lives. 

As with all transformation, eclipse energy is neutral in origin. How this transformation manifests in your life is truly up to you. If you embrace the opportunity to transform, looking for the opportunities to bring positive change into your life, this new moon can be the first step to the next level of spiritual ascension.

To harness this transformation energy in a positive way, tap into the new moon manifestation energy and direct the transformation in your life to the avenues that you're ready to move forward in. In the days leading up to the new moon, spend some time making peace with this coming transformation. Spend time in nature, feel the warm summer breeze on your skin and embrace the transitional energy of the air. Just like the wind, all of our experiences in this life are temporary. We can turn our backs to them and experience the chaos of having our vision obscured in the same way that our hair obscures our vision when it's blown around us by the wind, or we can turn into them, embracing open, honest communication and the beauty of change. 

A Note: With an eye to the future, the coming full moon at the end of June is the Strawberry Moon, which revolves around love and intimacy. If we release the habits that are no longer serving us, this can be a good time to invite a fresh breath of romance into our current relationships or to invite in a new relationship that brings with it the fresh promise of better things.